THE GARLAND is an archaeological love story / a story about falling in love with archaeology.

It weaves together prose fragments of an education in Ancient Greek culture, a lesbian infatuation with one ancient statue, and a few years of gender-fuckery. Within are meditations on long teen-girlhood, joining the Sappho fandom, t4t love and anti-memoir transition, burial and unburial, queer museum visits, study-abroad heartbreak, products from your local mall, purloined favorite textbook pages, and plenty of Mediterranean sunsets.

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The Garland
Draft One
Photographs, writing, design © Hyacinth Schukis 2022

Literary Memoir / Hybrid Genre
Paperback, first edition of 50
126pp, Black and white, with illustrations

Printed and bound by Fireball Press in Philadelphia
Typeset in Garamond Premier Pro, Fakir Display Pro, and Garamond/t