Sappho’s Silence

Sappho’s Silence / Η ΣΙΓΗ ΣΑΠΦΟΥΣ | photograph-poems, performance, film, readymades | 2016-2018

A series exploring my relationship to the Archaic Greek poet Sappho’s fragments, created during two trips to Greece and in my home of Eugene, Oregon.

Dawn’s Not Golden Fingered / Sleepless (excerpt) | Single Channel Video, 8:17. 2018.

Captured on Sappho’s home of Lesvos, Greece, this film tracks the sunrise in the Mediterranean from a place in which one might imagine the Archaic poet staring into the sea, as in a Neoclassical painting. Both Homer and Sappho introduced Dawn as golden-fingered, yet, traveling alone and sleepless, I was faced with different weather.


Installation in the Washburn Gallery, 2018.

Instant photographs, 2016.


Installation in Athens, Greece, 2016.