Afterlives is a series of self-portraits reenacting imagery from queer culture and the Roman Catholic canon, completed in 2020 as my undergraduate thesis in conjunction with research on queer reenactment in photographic portraiture, for a document titled Afterlives: (Gender)Queer Photographic Self Representation and Reenactment. Santa Lucia (After Palma and Del Cossa)   Santa Lucia (After Palma […]

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Temple | photographs | 2018-2019 An installation of four self-portraits in classicizing garb at the Pulgas Water Temple, outside San Francisco, designed for spaces in which the photographs are close enough to gaze at eachother. Special thanks to Gregory Geiger for assistance and location scouting.   Installation in University of Oregon’s Foyer Gallery, April 2019.

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Caravaggio as Bacchus

Self Portrait as Caravaggio as Bacchus | photographs, performance, performance apparatus, readymades | 2019 Some artifacts and artworks accumulated in my ongoing obsessive, repeated reenactments of three paintings* of Bacchus by Caravaggio. I have seen all three in their galleries, but my intimacy with them is shaped, perhaps more, by my purchased reproductions. * Two self-portraits […]

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Sappho’s Silence

Sappho’s Silence / Η ΣΙΓΗ ΣΑΠΦΟΥΣ | photograph-poems, performance, film, readymades | 2016-2018 A series exploring my relationship to the Archaic Greek poet Sappho’s fragments, created during two trips to Greece and in my home of Eugene, Oregon. Dawn’s Not Golden Fingered / Sleepless (excerpt) | Single Channel Video, 8:17. 2018. Captured on Sappho’s home of Lesvos, […]

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St. Cecilia (re)Visions | photographs, performance | 2017-2018 A photographic and performative exploration of the long history of Saint Cecilia, patron saint of music. The work began at her titular basilica in Trastevere, Rome, and has continued in my studio portraits as the early Roman Catholic virgin martyr. The work, primarily, deals with the series of disappearances […]

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