1: Vigil
2: Saint Sebastian - collaboration with RiverQueer Leatherwork
3 & 4: Santa Lucia (After Palma and del Cossa)
5: Annunciation
6: Angel Action (After Romaine Patterson)


A series of self-portraits reenacting imagery from queer visual culture and the Roman Catholic canon, completed in 2020 as my undergraduate thesis in conjunction with research on queer reenactment in photographic portraiture, for a long-form critical essay titled Afterlives: (Gender)Queer Photographic Self Representation and Reenactment.

a: Annunciation, archival inkjet print, approx. 24x30”
b: Santa Lucia, archival inkjet print, approx. 30x40”
 c: Santa Lucia, archival inkjet print, 12x20”